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about aspexi.

Andrea Anderson Gluckman created Aspexi Images in 2015. Andrea is an international award-winning photographer and writer who uses her platforms of academics, activism, and art to witness and leverage the stories of communities devastated by mass violence. Schooled as an expert on policy, culture, education, and religions of the Middle East, she worked as a diplomatic advisor, professor, researcher, and director at Harvard University, the University of the Middle East, and the University of Rochester. Her research specialties include the project of justice after mass violence, through which she used photography and the documenting of oral histories for education and evidential purposes. Using her research from post-genocide Rwanda and South Africa, she sought venues for establishing transitional justice structures in the Middle East.  The documentation from that research evolved to be transformative art for her.

Originally from the deep south of the United States, Andrea has refocused her artistic attention to reckon with the deeply violent histories of racism using the skills and tools developed for international conflict.  She is currently the Artist-in-Residence for the Elaine Museum and Richard Wright Civil Rights Center, where she is working with the community to develop exhibits, spread the story of the Elaine Massacre through artistic means, and facilitate creative placemaking in areas healing from violence. 

Using multiple tools, Andrea crafts and collaborates to create performance installations and multi-modal exhibits designed to uncover and amplify invisible histories and buried truths.  She incorporates drone work, video footage, and immersive projection into her photographic work to provide experiences that are inescapable, haunting.  The goal of her work and collaboration is to communicate, as Sally Mann said, “the emotional information of the image,” but to do so for a greater purpose.

She is currently based out of Rochester, New York, where she teaches and works collaboratively with artistic communities on issues of social justice, indigenous truth-telling, and anti-racism work.



Gallery Work and Showings

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Best Cinematic Image Finalist - Waterford International Film Festival - 2022.png
Monochrome - Winner Laurel - 2022 - The TINCAN Magazine Photography Awards copy.png
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Art Show Intl Finalist Water.jpg
PHOTOGRAPHYFINALIST-SimplyIndieFilmFest-2023 (1).png
Winner Best Art Photography - Paris Play Film Festival - 2022.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - European Photography Awards - 2023.png
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OFFICIAL SELECTION - ARTS x SDGS Online Festival - 2022.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - New York Nil Gallery - 2022.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Athens Marathon International Film Festival - 2022.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Portrait Pathways - Photography Contest - 2021.png
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OFFICIAL SELECTION - SDSC - Semana da Diversidade em Santa Catarina - 2022 (2).png
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Finalist - Luminous Frames - 2022.png
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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Tuscany Web Fest - 2022.png
Winner Aerial or Drone - Avalonia Festival - 2022 (1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Upstate NY Horror Film Festival - 2022.png
Best Photo - Scream Queen Film Festival - 2022.png

Awards and Recognition

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